Our mantelpiece is an ever changing composition. Change one thing and everything changes. When the picture is taken that moment is held.

Life is stilled. A still life.


This is a shop window for the ok corral.


We created the ok corral because we find so many lovely things but we didn't want to keep all the lovely things - just some of them.

By Joy Jolliffe, Jan 31 2018 12:22PM

The little spray of daffodils, on the far right of the mantelpiece, is printed onto the lid of an old toffee tin. It can seem like a long wait until the first bulbs start flowering so I thought this could fill the gap. The tin's been treasured by someone and comes to us in such good condition, bringing with it the promise of Spring.

It's good to have a splash of yellow about the place at this time of year. It's a warm and cheerful colour that lifts your spirits. The little yellow mug does just that. The enamel is thick and it's worn well and you don't need to wait until the Summer to use it. The little brown enamel mug next door is a neat companion and suggests hot chocolate and Winter outdoor fires. Another cheerful thing.

The beautiful oval platter is by Denby and it's a gem. Warm colours again, subtle and textured with a mid-century feel. The pale border has a simple printed line pattern, perfect and understated.

The other ceramic piece that I've picked out this month is a comport. You can see it next to the bookshelf. I was drawn to it - it's the mellow, creamy white base colour that did it. It has a sweet printed floral border pattern that's perfectly preserved too. The single leg or stand has a nice shape which adds to the feeling of age and quality. Well, it is a Meakin piece. They didn't get much wrong.

I'm a bit smitten with wooden animals at the mo. I've recently managed to unearth a family of elephants, a roaring lion and other wooden lovelies but they're all sold now. Here's another to take their place. Elegant Giraffe. The colour is unusual, it's almost ebony which helps with the drama of the silhouette. It's very well made with stalky legs and an animated head. You can't see the mane in this picture. It's extremely giraffey, short and tufty, created with the simplest of cut marks by a practiced hand.

The crisp folding rule is such a good colour, I had to include it in the shot. It's also in very good condition, measures inches and centimetres and is both practical and beautiful.

I've found another little bookshelf. They're such attractive items to me. This one is painted our quiet mushroom colour and has a nice upright design. Observer books look brilliant anywhere of course but this little shelf can hold larger books too.

By Joy Jolliffe, Dec 8 2017 11:58AM

Wishing you a 'Merrie Old Christmas' from the OK Corral. We love fairylights all year round but at Christmas they're an essential.

They shed a warm and festive glow onto this month's Christmas display on the mantelpiece. It's all available to buy on the OK shelves and the extra sparkle is a thankyou from us.

Thankyou for another year of being such great customers. Thanks for the purchases and the messages and the all round niceness. We know you love these things as much as we do. We hope you have a merrie old Christmas and a sparkling New Year.

By Joy Jolliffe, Sep 4 2017 03:02PM

Without really planning it, I seem to have instinctively chosen warm autumny colours for this month's shop window. We're so lucky to still have distinctive seasons. There's always something to look forward to.

The two trays on the far left of the mantelpiece are very recent finds. We've wiped their faces and they both look very presentable. I love the deep dark orange colour. Warm and cheerful but not too full on. This contrasts with a black back and the two colours are linked by a fine gold line border. Strong simple design that's easy to live with.

There are two gold tones on the black tray. It's beautifully decorated with fine grasses and seed heads. The delicate illustration and the subtle colour changes, create an animated display.

The Tawny Owl picture is another gem from Cash's. Finely woven and intricately detailed design work, a seasonal woodland scene. The owl is perched on an ivy clad tree stump below oak leaves and acorns. The colours are a complex mix of browns, creams and greens, and this creates a textured feel to the feathers and plant detail. It's lovely.

We were so pleased to uncover two more of these beautiful old sieves. They have aged so gently. The curved wood sides have mellowed to a mix of soft browns. The staples and nails, their rust colour leaching into the wood, still hold firm. The fine metal mesh is darker now with age. Still perfectly serviceable for the garden or bring these warm earthy colours into the kitchen for winter.

More gold, this time on the Hoopla board. It's such a nice one. Properly old with its own history. The mismatched hooks telling the story of previous owners' repairs. Warm dark wood again with nicely painted gold numbers for scoring. The rings were our contribution. The originals have probably perished or have been lost, so we added two preserve jar seals. The right colour, the right size, game on!

The stunning old book of shells has already sold. It was snapped up only moments after we put it on the website. It's a total gem with fine illustrations, and a miraculously well preserved hardback cover. Another happy customer with an absolute treasure.

We're always on the look out for comports. China or glass, flat or elevated, we love them all. They're very useful for both everyday and special occasions. The comport in the shop window this time is one for special occasions. It's pretty and a little frivolous with a tall column and a flutey, wavy rim. It's perfect for small treats, piled high and centre stage.

Talking of special occasions, here's another essential. A champagne cooler full of - prosecco! Sorry, it's all we had to hand. I'm sure you can do better!

All these items will appear on the OK Corral website for sale.


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