Our mantelpiece is an ever changing composition. Change one thing and everything changes. When the picture is taken that moment is held.

Life is stilled. A still life.


This is a shop window for the ok corral.


We created the ok corral because we find so many lovely things but we didn't want to keep all the lovely things - just some of them.

By Joy Jolliffe, Nov 5 2018 03:32PM

I'll start with a confession - two of the items on the mantelpiece are already sold, snapped up as soon as they were posted onto the website. The two narrow wooden relief panels have sold, the larger pair are still available...

I found these pieces piled into a plastic box, at an auction back in the summer. They looked interesting so I bought the lot and since then I've sorted through. I think these were once part of a mirror/hall stand or similar. They're a little worn but have such decorative appeal I think they're worth saving and re-using. They look great just as ornaments on the shelf or maybe painted or maybe incorporated into another piece or door... over to you!

It's quite some time since we last had a Pyrex glass coffee jug for sale and so we were really pleased to find this one. A retro, perfect, good looking piece. Gold and black with a secure handle, collar and lid, plus lots of starbursts for extra effect to celebrate coffee time.

Don't you think those little cups and saucers look good with the coffee pot? I couldn't resist putting them together, they're made for each other. The neat small cups stand on a slim base and are printed with an all-over black and mustard geometric design. Barely used, if used at all, a great mid-century modern look.

Last but certainly not least, the yellow tin. Black and yellow, with elegantly scripted 'Kopenhagen' on the lid. I think this is perfect in colour and design. I haven't found a item with more understated style than this one. I guess that's the definition of 'cool'.

By Joy Jolliffe, Sep 17 2018 12:18PM

I was so pleased to find the two watercolours. Proper paintings by the artist's hand and beautifully executed. The artist is Stella Wright and like so many of us, she likes flowers. The colour of the board is light biscuit brown. Every other colour is painted onto this which has produced warm tones. A vintage glass vase and a vintage jug hold the flowers which for us is added interest!

The two frames couldn't be more different but they work beautifully with each painting. The jug with primroses is framed by a slim plain dark wood. It's simple and understated and allows the flowers to take centre stage. The multi-coloured primulas are made even more glorious by their frame too. Old gold with mouldings on the four corners and in the middle of each side. It's very good and a few knocks only add to it's ageing elegance.

The bright yellow cylinders, acting like book ends on the mantelpiece, are lamp shades. Retro plastic, strongly made and in excellent condition. They'll cheer up a room even when the lights are off and if they don't sell soon I've earmarked a place for them here!

The Kilncraft teapot has graced our mantelpiece in a previous blog. The mellow colours seem just right for autumn. Baachus is the name of the pattern; golden suns and flowers held and kept before winter takes over.

The spider plant isn't vintage (tho' it was extremely popular in the 60s and 70s) but the plant pot is. We all keep our favourite plant pots until they get broken so finding a good old one is pretty rare. Fanfare! The body is matt white with grey speckles. The glazed border is a lesson in mid-century pattern and colour and it's available on the OK shelves right now!

By Joy Jolliffe, Aug 16 2018 02:54PM

This is the August mantelpiece. A little late but it is holiday time. I'm experimenting with slow living.

This combination of colours; the flowers on the tray, the weathered sea shells, they seem to have transcended into some kind of beautiful ancient mix. I can't quite put my finger on it but faded vintage chintz can do that too. Also frescoes from pre-history, fractured images on flaky plaster.

Faded pressed flowers from Victorian holidays, dusty shell boxes and pictures made from sand. All of those things through the decades seem to be present in this picture. Atmosphere. Do I mean atmosphere?

Natural and man made. All beautiful things.


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