The mantelpiece is an ever changing composition. Change one thing and everything changes. When the picture is taken that moment is held.

Life is stilled. A still life.


This is a shop window for the ok corral.


We created the ok corral because there are so many lovely things but we didn't want to keep all the lovely things - just some of them.

By Joy Jolliffe, Apr 4 2017 12:30PM

It's quite a select little group on the mantelpiece this month and some interesting finds.

As this is our first ever fish mould, I'll start with the fish mould. It looks a little dark in this picture but there's actually a lot of shiny silvery surface still there. It's very detailed with scales, tail, feathery fins and a really pleasant face. Truly, it's got a nice mouth! The metal bar across the tail ensures that the mould balances well when it's reversed for setting. It's a decorative piece for the kitchen wall too.

More silver next door, well, shiny metal. An ice bucket in excellent condition. The exterior surface has an all-over 'hammered' pattern and there's more on the lid, which is a very snug fit, just as it should be. It has a quiet dull shine that I like and that's why the candles had to be blue.

Blue, silver, glittering glass, a gorgeous combination. The candlesticks are very decorative too. The wide bases are festooned in pattern and the columns have more. The glass is pure and clear. They're a useful mid height, so stable on the table, and happy to take tall candles. Candles! Ice bucket! That's nearly a party!

The three standing plates show off their pattern well. It's delicate and well, pretty really and a new one for us. The simple bold pink and white cups are paired with this fine, black, leaf and tendril design on the saucers and plates. Some of the petals have a single brushstroke infill - yellow, lilac and that lovely pink again. You might expect the cups to have had the same design but this way it's not fussy and the pieces complement each other very well.

Rosedawn. A slightly different pink and an extremely nice one. The name is so beautiful! It makes you think of pale summer roses and fresh early morning skies all at the same time. A perfect little moment really. The jug itself is quite a big one. What you do is, you fill it with cream and you pour that over strawberries. Another perfect little moment to look forward to.

By Joy Jolliffe, Mar 5 2017 02:11PM

The mantelpiece is long and narrow and can't accommodate everything that we find. I'm rather pleased with this month's selction tho', don't they all look nice!

Let's go to the reds straightaway. I often write about colour and how it makes you (me) feel. Red is cheerful and warming and a bright spot in any corner. Agreed? These two red enamel pots prove my point. They're so cheerful, helped by that friendly font. How can text be friendly? Just let it speak to you. They're clean and commodious, cheerful and friendly, useful and recycled. That's all the boxes ticked.

You can see from the detail pics online that the Dog Tin has had a hard life. Some things just shouldn't be thrown away tho', there's still a lot of beauty there. It's a display piece now and worth every inch of the space that it takes up. The tin will be re-homed by a dog lover or bought for a friend who's a dog lover so I don't need to explain the appeal of that little face.

I love finding good vintage prints and we've been lucky again this month unearthing two absolute beauties. Quintessential Vintage. I hope they stay as a pair. Blousey yellow roses with a blush of pink complemented perfectly by the background blue. Nicely gilded and painted wooden frames complete the pictures.

We also gathered a group of stoneware ink pots this month and they'll gradually be added to the shelves over the coming weeks. The pot we've chosen for the mantelpiece is the biggest. The slim neck opens out into a pouring lip, balanced and quiet in design. They look gorgeous holding a single branch of blossom. They completely hold their own too displayed unadorned, bringing a bohemian vibe to your living/workspace.

A group of gazelles. An elegant trio and the largest is already on the OK shelves. Once a must-have ornament, these lovely pieces have gone in and out of fashion but are now firmly established as retro classics. Gazelle 2 and 3 will appear on the OK shelves together soon. They pair beautifully with matching colours and grain patterns.

By Joy Jolliffe, Jan 26 2017 02:52PM

Piles of blue. We must have had Springtime on our minds, gentle candlelight and brightening skies.

Our customers bought lots of candlesticks around Christmas time and we've been lucky enough to find more. Three pairs, all pressed glass, all gorgeous.

The tall pair are actually quite dainty. They have narrow bases so don't take up much room. They've got nicely ridged columns, bamboo style and a clever little drip 'shelf' near the top. They are purest Powder Blue.

The two shorter candlesticks are even more ethereal. I'm calling the colour Ice Blue as there's just a hint of frozen water there. The domed bases have a flower relief pattern and a butterfly on either side of the column. This pair is particularly good for long candles, their low wide design makes them very stable.

Our third pair stands at the extreme other end of the mantelpiece. Made from clear glass they have a detailed 'cut glass' all over design. Their bases are wide and stable too and they elegantly hold long candles.

We also have a little group of prints that work well together. Their colours are warm with a touch of pink in all four prints. The tall one at the back is called 'Japonica' and signed 'Vera'. The flowers are sensitively and delicately painted in a mixture of pinks and creams. The dramatic mottled background is created by a loosely mixed group of blues. The shape is slim and elegant and it's useful, when grouping pictures, to have one with extra height.

Two of our favourite painters next - Peter Scott and Vernon Ward. Both prolific and both majorly talented. The Peter Scott print is typical of his subject matter: Wild fowl in the air and dramatic skies and landscapes. The Vernon Ward print depicts a harbour in Cornwall. It's a quiet and peaceful place empty of people and gulls. This is an evening picture too with warm colours held just before dusk.

The fourth print is callled 'The Fal River' and is from the original by Lamoriva Birch. That's a new name to us and it's a beautifully painted scene. A spring morning this time with fresh skies, a hint of blossom and the whole fair day ahead of us. Come on in April, we're ready!

The remaining item on the mantelpiece has earned its place in this selection because of that blue lid. It's one of those perfectly balanced vintage/contemporary designs that 'Johnson Bros' do so well, decorated with a neat little stylised floral group which also echoes that blue. I think I'm back to where I started, dreaming of Spring mornings under piles of fresh blue skies.

All the items on the mantelpiece will be for sale at the OK Corral soon. Meanwhile please contact us for further information .


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