The mantelpiece is an ever changing composition. Change one thing and everything changes. When the picture is taken that moment is held.

Life is stilled. A still life.


This is a shop window for the ok corral.


We created the ok corral because there are so many lovely things but we didn't want to keep all the lovely things - just some of them.

By Joy Jolliffe, Jun 12 2017 09:50AM

Three woven raffia mats that are worthy of display. Use them to put things on by all means. They look stunning in the middle of the table and are heat resistant too, however, don't they look amazing on the wall! Enjoy the patterns in their full glory and really, they're too good to cover up. The colours are at their best now, softened by age, mellow, earthy.

There seems to be a bit of a local crockery clear out happening as we've found lots of good crocks recently. On the far left, our perennial favourites, Beryl by Wood's Ware. Why anyone discards them beats me! They're perfect for the job. The full range is enormous and covers every possible need. This is a set of standard sized teacups, vintage, contemporary, perfect.

On the far right of the mantelpiece we have more Wood's Ware and this time it's Jasmine. We unearthed several pieces and they'll all be on the OK shelves soon. Teapot! Milk jug! Sugar bowl! Plus, these cups and saucers and four matching plates. Everything you need for tea time for ever.

Lined up in the middle is another set of four and this time it's by Poole. The beautiful mushroom colours don't photograph well (by me) and it's difficult to show their full beauty. The exterior colour is like the top of a field mushroom with just a smidgeon of pink. The inside colour is like the underneath of a field mushroom. That's the best I can do! These are the slightly larger teacups and are glazed inside and out. They'll soon be on the OK shelves next to the Poole coffee cups.

All of these lovely items will be for sale on the OK Corral website.

By Joy Jolliffe, May 15 2017 09:49AM

The little scottie book ends were 'snapped' up by a customer the moment they were added to the website. It's hardly surprising, they are a perfect example of their kind. They were made in Germany and although the dogs are lovely I like the four wooden books even more. They have curved spines and several pages worked into the design and I love that detail.

No, they're not models of the pagoda in Kew Gardens, they're soup bowls in piles, with handles and lids. 'Arabesque', such a fabulous pattern, a mix of earthy colours, splashes of red and areas picked out in glaze, giving the design texture and depth. It's a practical design too; a hole in each lid lets out some steam and the handles ensure you can carry your hot dish safely. It's no wonder that it's so popular!

Redouté prints are one of our favourite finds and here we have a top quality super pair. Beautifully detailed and observed as always and larger than average too. They make a big impact. I suppose 'pair' isn't quite correct as one is just a centimetre smaller than the other. The frames are identical in design but one has blue decoration and one has green. Both colours perfectly complement the colours of the flowers and foliage. Gorgeous companions.

Finally, two jugs. The jug on the far left is by WEDGWOOD. It's a potter's pot and in spite of mass production it still 'feels' hand made. It could hardly be simpler; a basic, brick red unglazed exterior, it's glazed on the interior and just begging to be filled with a tumble of wild flowers. Just because they can, there's a perfect fine line decoration too. Minimal. Masterful.

The second jug is by SADLER and I love it's mid-century colourway. The jug is decorated with bands of patterns and colours, it's simple and understated, a style that's very easy to live with.

All of these lovely items will be for sale on the OK Corral website.

By Joy Jolliffe, Apr 4 2017 12:30PM

It's quite a select little group on the mantelpiece this month and some interesting finds.

As this is our first ever fish mould, I'll start with the fish mould. It looks a little dark in this picture but there's actually a lot of shiny silvery surface still there. It's very detailed with scales, tail, feathery fins and a really pleasant face. Truly, it's got a nice mouth! The metal bar across the tail ensures that the mould balances well when it's reversed for setting. It's a decorative piece for the kitchen wall too.

More silver next door, well, shiny metal. An ice bucket in excellent condition. The exterior surface has an all-over 'hammered' pattern and there's more on the lid, which is a very snug fit, just as it should be. It has a quiet dull shine that I like and that's why the candles had to be blue.

Blue, silver, glittering glass, a gorgeous combination. The candlesticks are very decorative too. The wide bases are festooned in pattern and the columns have more. The glass is pure and clear. They're a useful mid height, so stable on the table, and happy to take tall candles. Candles! Ice bucket! That's nearly a party!

The three standing plates show off their pattern well. It's delicate and well, pretty really and a new one for us. The simple bold pink and white cups are paired with this fine, black, leaf and tendril design on the saucers and plates. Some of the petals have a single brushstroke infill - yellow, lilac and that lovely pink again. You might expect the cups to have had the same design but this way it's not fussy and the pieces complement each other very well.

Rosedawn. A slightly different pink and an extremely nice one. The name is so beautiful! It makes you think of pale summer roses and fresh early morning skies all at the same time. A perfect little moment really. The jug itself is quite a big one. What you do is, you fill it with cream and you pour that over strawberries. Another perfect little moment to look forward to.


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