Our mantelpiece is an ever changing composition. Change one thing and everything changes. When the picture is taken that moment is held.

Life is stilled. A still life.


This is a shop window for the ok corral.


We created the ok corral because we find so many lovely things but we didn't want to keep all the lovely things - just some of them.

Mantelpiece July 2018

By Joy Jolliffe, Jul 5 2018 03:34PM

Text and tins, that appears to be the theme this month. I love tins and texty things and there are always lots of both at the OK Corral. Read the tins!

Britton's for Fine Foods is my current favourite. It's a little piece of social history, a tin that's covered in information. The dark blue lettering on cream is period 'grocer's shop' style. The font too, decorative and confident for a business that had been established for decades, tempting you to buy. The potato crisps stored within contained potato and edible oil. That's it! There's a one shilling deposit on the tin too encouraging you to return it, so no waste and less landfill. The words speak volumes.

Flour, Tea and Coffee are self explanatory but the two styles span decades. The old flour tin, a Worcester Ware piece is classic, no quintessential, vintage kitchen ware. Isn't it interesting that the much later Tea and Coffee canisters mimic it's colour and feel. I guess, once you've got a winner, you stick with it.

The small, rectangular tin is decorated to look like a box. I thought it was a box at first, with poker work border patterns. The body colour imitates that of lightly grained wood too. The side panels have poker-work-style illustrations and the lid bears the motto: 'A stitch in time - saves nine'. Granny is sat in a big ole chair mending, the pot plants are in flower, the cat is content. All's well with the world if you just make that stitch in time!

The in/out board must have a history too. It's hand lettered, very attractively and hand made too. Made by a small hotel/guesthouse owner? A man with a shed? A little device for reception, to try to keep tabs on the summer visitors? All or any of those. I'll never know for sure but that's why I like the old things, they make you think.

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