Our mantelpiece is an ever changing composition. Change one thing and everything changes. When the picture is taken that moment is held.

Life is stilled. A still life.


This is a shop window for the ok corral.


We created the ok corral because we find so many lovely things but we didn't want to keep all the lovely things - just some of them.

Mantelpiece August 2019

By Joy Jolliffe, Aug 9 2019 12:38PM

The neat cane basket on the left is an interesting one. I really like the colour. The cane is bleached and it may well have already spent many hours in the sun. It could be from a tropical island, a souvenir from a sun-drenched holiday. It's rigid and in very good condition. It has a hinged lid so would be good for picnics and it can easily carry two large flasks or piles of sandwiches or a towel, sun cream and books.

If all that talk of sunshine has made you thirsty, we have that covered too. The two tea canisters have very contrasting styles. The one on the left is a pierced metal container with lid. The whole point of the chinoiserrie style decorative piercing is that it sits over the red liner. These two pieces often get separated which is a shame, they're made for each other!

The green tin is perfect too, in it's own way. The canister has a ridged surface and is mellow faded vintage green. TEA is written in gold lettering which is still shiney and clear. It's a proper kitchen canister, that's to say, clearly used every day for many years. All the wear and fading testify to that fact which is why we love these things. This is living domestic history. Who owned it? What kind of kitchen did it sit in?

If tea's not your bag then prepare your coffee beans in this cheerful red and white grinder. The metal's all good and the finish is just getting chippy. Red and white just shouts Switzerland to me but there are no labels and no branding to support me on this. Sheer guesswork on my part but it's still a nice looking piece.

Mid-century mirrors surface fairly regularly but this one's a little bit different. It's better than average quality with a wooden back and strong secure metalwork. I like the elegant, slim, oval shape too. Also, it has two hooks, one on either side, integral to the design. The mirror looks so pretty with jewellery hanging from the hooks, adding extra glam and glitter.

The large round tray is stunning, in lovely condition and decorated with a very intricate multi-coloured design. It's made from rigid papier-maché and it looks great propped up on a shelf in amongst your other treasures and so pretty as a table centrepiece.

Pop in to our online shop soon. You'll find all the Still Life Interior mantelpiece items for sale there.

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