Our mantelpiece is an ever changing composition. Change one thing and everything changes. When the picture is taken that moment is held.

Life is stilled. A still life.


This is a shop window for the ok corral.


We created the ok corral because we find so many lovely things but we didn't want to keep all the lovely things - just some of them.

Mantelpiece August 2018

By Joy Jolliffe, Aug 16 2018 02:54PM

This is the August mantelpiece. A little late but it is holiday time. I'm experimenting with slow living.

This combination of colours; the flowers on the tray, the weathered sea shells, they seem to have transcended into some kind of beautiful ancient mix. I can't quite put my finger on it but faded vintage chintz can do that too. Also frescoes from pre-history, fractured images on flaky plaster.

Faded pressed flowers from Victorian holidays, dusty shell boxes and pictures made from sand. All of those things through the decades seem to be present in this picture. Atmosphere. Do I mean atmosphere?

Natural and man made. All beautiful things.

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